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ISN values Inclusion. We aspire to accomplish accommodative practices so all students, from Primary school to the IB Diploma, can enjoy effective learning opportunities. We promote students’ access to the IB programmes and our full curriculum and aim to remove any barriers in order to engage all students in successful pathways.

We embed these values in our school philosophy: As a proud International Baccalaureate school, ISN aims to deliver “an inclusive approach to education that is designed to remove or reduce barriers so that every student can fully participate in, and develop through, IB programmes” (International Baccalaureate Organisation, 2022, Access and Inclusion Policy).  To do so, the school body actively ensures an ongoing process of inclusion, by seeking to identify and remove all barriers for students within this range of additional needs, wherever feasible and reasonable. 

Our aims also outline how we involve all stakeholders in our community – students, teachers, parents and administration – in achieving the success of our goals. ISN shows a strong commitment to supporting students to achieve their individual potential and nourishing the minds and spirit of our community in a safe, respectful and caring environment.

Individualised educational support

At the International School of Nice, we value neurodiversity awareness. Aiding students for almost a decade, our REACH Centre provides individualised educational support for those ages 3-18 with diagnosed learning needs to access the curriculum. Intellectual exceptionalities such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia, as well as giftedness, are all within this category and part of ISN’s inclusion practices. 

Our highly-trained Director of Inclusion and Neurodiversity is qualified to assess students’ educational needs. Our learning specialists liaise with our teachers to ensure we meet students’ exceptional learning needs in our international environment.

This one-to-one tuition aims to facilitate the development of students’ metacognitive skills so they can flourish as autonomous and resilient learners, helping each to realise their aspirations in the classroom environment.

Please see the REACH Centre section of the website for more information.

Our learning specialists create an Individual Education Plan, a personalised programme of support to meet the unique requirements of a student’s diagnosed learning needs.

Accommodating learning diversity in class

The International School of Nice is an inclusive school that caters to a diverse community of learners with a student-centred approach.

Two early years students write on small white boards

ISN places the student at the centre of the learning process and utilises a range and balance of teaching styles to allow each student to fully develop as a whole person.

Each learner benefits from personalised attention in small classes. Considering each person, our teachers tailor instruction to students’ individual learning goals.

Please see the REACH Centre section of the website for more information.

Accommodating language diversity in class

In line with our mission to Inspire, Support and Nourish our students, we aim to help them achieve the best academic outcome without the barrier of language.

Female student at a desk holds up a board with her work

Students at ISN are bilingual and multilingual, and many of them come from homes where the main language spoken is one other than English. Over 40 home languages are represented in our school.

As teachers in an international school, we strive to honour the differences in culture and learning styles of our students by encouraging them to make comparisons between their maternal tongue and the language of instruction. 

Please see the EAL Centre section of the website for more information.