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ISN values inclusion. We aspire to accomplish whole school inclusion so all students, from primary school to the IB Diploma, can enjoy effective learning opportunities. We students’ access to the IB programmes and the school’s curriculum and aims to remove any barriers to enable inclusion and engage all students in learning.

We embed these values in our school philosophy, which affirms that we implement non-discriminatory practice and inclusive education. Our school philosophy also outlines how we involve all constituencies – students, teachers, parents and administration – in achieving the success of our goals.

Our mission statement outlines our commitment to supporting students to achieve their individual potential and nourishing the minds and spirit of our community in a safe, respectful and caring environment.

Individualised educational support

At the International School of Nice, we value special educational needs (SEN) awareness. Aiding students for almost a decade, our Learning Centre provides individualised educational support for those ages 6-18 with diagnosed learning needs to access the curriculum.

Our highly-trained SEN co-ordinator, qualified to assess students’ educational needs, and learning specialists liaise with our teachers to ensure we meet students’ diverse learning needs in our international environment.

This one-to-one tuition aims to facilitate the development of students’ metacognitive skills so they can flourish as autonomous and resilient learners, helping each to realise their aspirations in the classroom environment.

Please see the Learning Centre section of the website for more information.

Our learning specialists create an Individual Education Plan, a personalised programme of support to meet the unique requirements of a student’s diagnosed learning needs.

Accommodating student learning diversity in class

The International School of Nice is an inclusive school that caters to a diverse community of learners with a student-centred approach.

Two young students sit together outside and read picture books

ISN places the student at the centre of the learning process and utilises a range and balance of teaching styles to allow each student to fully develop as a whole person.

Each learner benefits from personalised attention in small classes. Considering each person, our teachers tailor instruction to students’ individual learning goals.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) support

We warmly welcome children into our inclusive learning community who cannot speak English or French at any ability level.

Our Young Explorers will be supported by a bilingual teacher and assistant. In Pre-Kindergarten class and above, taught in English, children who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) are supported by our EAL coordinator and ESL teacher.

Students in this EAL programme benefit from small group instruction in English from Grades 1 to 8. This supports students’ acquisition of English so they can access the curriculum.

It also enables them to use English with confidence and competence, progressing swiftly in our immersive English learning environment.

Additional languages support

Learning additional languages nourishes an appreciation of the life and culture of the host country and the international community as a whole.

As an international school in France, French is taught as an additional language from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 and beyond. Our children develop biliteracy through five French lessons a week with language specialists who teach across the school.

Students also learn Spanish in middle school as an introduction to a third language.

Each child’s home language, culture and worldview are widely celebrated and enrich our learning community. For those students who want to develop their home language or other languages, ISN offers other additional languages via private tuition.