EAL (English as an Additional Language)

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In line with our mission to Inspire, Support and Nourish our students, we aim to help them achieve the best academic outcome without the barrier of language. 

EAL falls under the umbrella of Inclusion, overseen by the Director of Inclusion, and is a programme designed to develop the four language competencies: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.  

We endeavour to assist all our learners; we offer EAL lessons to those who are at different stages of their language learning through differentiated teaching methods and by providing them with the necessary tools to become independent learners to eventually integrate the mainstream classroom.

Personalised EAL support

Where a Primary or Middle School student has gained B1 or less in the Baseline test, (CEFR levels) or B2 or less for High School students, it is imperative that they be enrolled for EAL lessons to receive personalised support. This ensures their access to the main curriculum can be enabled and language is not a barrier for them. 

In the Lower (Primary) School, students are given five periods of EAL classes, ideally during Language time and students are taught in a small group by grade. In the Middle School, EAL students are generally withdrawn from MYP English differentiated language and literature programme, whilst High School students will be placed in English B.  There is a supplementary payment for EAL lessons and this is communicated to parents of EAL students when the results of the Baseline test are sent. 

Primary students use coloured blocks to practise addition

Personalised Support