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The ISN Learning Centre provides individualised educational support for students to meet their diagnosed learning needs, supporting all International School of Nice students in accessing the curriculum.

We value inclusion and special educational needs (SEN) awareness at ISN in our lower school, middle school and high school. We aspire to accomplish whole school inclusion so all students, from primary school to IB Diploma, can enjoy effective learning opportunities.

Our highly-trained SEN co-ordinator, qualified to assess students’ educational needs, and learning specialists liaise with our teachers to ensure we meet students’ diverse learning needs in our international environment.

Each learning specialist is equally an experienced teacher, empowered to understand students’ unique needs and also put forward recommendations as to how these needs can be fulfilled in the classroom or through Learning Centre support.

Individualised educational support

Aiding students for almost a decade, our Learning Centre offers a caring and motivational atmosphere for those ages 6 to 18 with specific learning difficulties, where they can experience a feeling of individual achievement.

Our learning specialists create an Individual Education Plan, a personalised programme of support to meet the unique requirements of a student’s diagnosed learning needs.

Students attend regular support lessons during school hours, with the level and frequency dependent on their learning needs and support availability.

Specific learning difficulties may include:

  • Dyslexia
  • Minor form of dyspraxia
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Mathematical needs
  • Executive function and cognitive needs
  • Other needs relating to organisation and study skills.
a female high school student talks to a teacher at an outdoor table

On-to-one tuition

This aims to facilitate the development of students’ metacognitive skills so they can flourish as autonomous and resilient learners, helping each to realise their aspirations in the classroom.

Lessons can take the form of:

  • Complete literacy programmes designed to help a student develop reading, writing and spelling skills
  • Maths lessons with our maths and science learning specialist
  • French lessons with our French language specialist
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) lessons with our EAL learning specialist
  • Consolidation and reinforcement of subject areas and schoolwork;
  • Memory, concentration and thinking skills
  • Study skills techniques
  • Revision and examination techniques.

We invite parents to contact the International School of Nice Learning Centre about their child’s specific learning needs, so we can help to elevate their educational achievement and wellbeing.