Beyond the Classroom – CAS Humanitarian Trip
Michelle Van Buuren

During the October holidays, one of our ISN Nice Grade 12 students, Vega Beroud, embarked on a Humanitarian trip to Africa, Togo with her mom.

After participating in a similar trip to the Philippines a few years ago, they had the opportunity to collaborate with “Association AlphaBêta” in Monaco, which helps children in poorer areas of the world in education, health and care. Their main aim consists of carrying out small projects with the aim of helping the greatest number of children in the fields of education, health and the improvement of living conditions in the less fortunate regions of the world.

She shared details of her planned trip with the community at ISN Nice and appealed for stationary donations for the children at Adele’s Middle School. The students gladly assisted with donations and she left with a bag filled with stationary.



This is what Vega had to say upon her return, “I have just completed my humanitarian trip to Togo, Africa!  I spent 10 days in a village called Kara teaching 5th and 6th grade students English and Spanish, whilst my mother taught Computer Science to the Grade 10-12 students and helped with the administration. It was extremely heart-warming to see how joyous and eager the students were to learn regardless of how little they have. Teaching in a completely different atmosphere than my own also showed me the difference between the European and African educational system and I was able to bring in a new perspective to the classroom. More importantly, I wanted to personally thank those who brought stationary donations before the October holidays. The 1000 students attending College Adele were over the moon and so grateful. I would strongly recommend students participate in such trips as I have learnt so much culture wise and it has broadened my horizons!”

Well done Vega, ISN Nice are proud of the difference you have made to the lives of the children in Togo.