Celebrating Globeducate Eco-Week and Energy Campaign
Mélanie Laroche and Michelle van Buuren

What an incredible Eco Week and Energy Week we had at ISN! From engaging activities to thought-provoking presentations, the Eco Week and Energy Campaign truly ignited our passion for sustainability. 


Let's delve into the fantastic activities the students and staff engaged in:

  • Lights Out Day in support of Earth Hour
  • Presentations detailing strategies to transition into a low carbon school
  • Talks on sustainability to inspire and inform
  • A creative recycling-themed puzzle to challenge minds
  • A workshop on electric mobility, exploring the future of transportation
  • Meat-Free Day to highlight the benefits of reducing meat consumption
  • Involvement in Monaco Ocean Week, advocating for ocean conservation
  • Participation in the WWF quiz to deepen understanding of sustainability
  • A workshop on International Forest Day, spotlighting the importance of elephants and crafting paper from elephant dung
  • Grade 7 students sharing their Service Action project with Grade 5 peers
  • Activities commemorating International Water Day, including mandala creations, pledges, and songs
  • "La guerre des bouchons" initiative to collect old bottle caps for recycling
  • Collection of old batteries
  • Gardening efforts in the new school garden, where students of all ages planted strawberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, onions, herbs, and more
  • “Earth” photo with all ISN students/staff


We'd like to shine a spotlight on our collaborative work in the school garden, where students displayed enthusiasm and dedication as they planted various plants. From strawberries to herbs, each addition to the garden symbolises our commitment to sustainability. We eagerly anticipate watching our garden flourish and indulging in the produce it yields.

Additionally, our Grade 4 & 5 students participated in the WWF Wild Wisdom Quiz, an opportunity to delve into the science of sustainability and amplify awareness of environmental issues. Meanwhile, Grade 2 & 3 students had a special visit from S.A.S Sens Solidaires, where they learned about elephant conservation and even painted on paper made from elephant dung.


Did you know that paper can be crafted from elephant dung? Globally, 4 billion trees are felled annually for paper production. However, by harnessing just a fraction of the elephant dung available worldwide, we could save thousands of trees each day. It's a remarkable testament to the power of sustainable alternatives.

The week ended with the whole school meeting on the sports field to come together for a photo to celebrate being an eco school!

Together, we are agents of change, and together, we are forging a path towards a more sustainable world. Let's continue to unite our efforts and inspire one another to make a positive impact on our planet.