Celebrating our International Community
Michelle Van Buuren

We had an incredible International Day at ISN!

Our school came alive with the colours, flavours, and cultures of the over 65 nationalities that make up our richly diverse community.

Colourful flags showcased the diverse backgrounds and identities within our school community. The delicious traditional foods of offer, provided by the ISN Community, tempted everyone to sample the culinary delights from around the world. The response was so positive that there was plenty of food for everyone to try.


But beyond the sights and smells, what truly made the day special was the effort made by students and parents to dress up in their traditional clothing, each outfit telling a story of heritage and pride.

We've received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the event. There was a sense of unity and connection as students, teachers, parents, and staff joined hands to celebrate our differences and embrace our shared humanity.


Thanks to the Baskevics family for their contribution to the celebration. Their traditional Latvian garments and dances captivated us all and brought a sense of joy and unity to the event. We are so pleased that many students, parents, and staff joined in with the dances, embracing the opportunity to learn and share in this beautiful cultural tradition.


"I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a part in organising this incredible event. To the PTA, CAS students, SLT, and teachers, thank you for your dedication and hard work in bringing our community together in such a meaningful way," - Mel Curtis, Head of School.


We also want to thank all the parents who generously contributed delicious food and joined us in celebrating. Your support and involvement are what make events like International Day possible, and we are grateful for your continued partnership. Let us continue to embrace our differences and learn from one another.

Thank you all for being part of the ISN Community and for making International Day a day to remember!