Globeducate Biodiversity Eco Week
Mélanie Laroche and Michelle van Buuren

Last week, from 20 – 24 March,ISN Nice celebrated Globeducate Eco Week with the theme of Biodiversity.  It was a jam-packed week filled with many interesting and exciting activities around this theme.


The Animal Fund (TAF) visited ISN and taught students about the importance of whales, and how they play an integral part in the biodiversity of the ocean. The students then had a chance to present their own findings on issues threatening the ocean and marine life. Posters were also created to spread awareness of the issues.

Bee Riviera, an association of beekeepers from the region, also visited ISN and all students from Early Years to Grade 10 attended a presentation about the importance of bees.  Students were able to taste different types of honey from the region.


The ISN 2023 Biodiversity photo contest was launched and we received 43 entries from students, starting in Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 12, and staff members also participated. Voting has been taking place and the winners will be announced before the April holidays.

During the week we also celebrated Global Recycling Day. The students ensured the playground was super clean after their lunch breaks and they recycled items into the appropriate bins.  Students also made a memory game using recycled bottle caps and placing 2 images of animals on the inside. The Primary School students had to memorise where the matching animals were.

Other activities included:

  • The Grade 7 students showed the Grade 5 students the Biomes that they made and explained the biodiversity within their biome and how the plants and animals adapt to the specific environment.
  • Students in the Primary School were all given eco poems to learn and a few students wrote their own poems. The students presented them in their assembly on Friday.
  • A few students from Grade 9 and 11 went to Park Phoenix to focus on the biodiversity in the park.
  • Grade 10 students did some face-painting for the Primary School students, with theme of endangered animals.
  • All students went outside for an hour not using any technology in celebration of Earth Hour.
  • Grade 4 students donated 380€ from their business fair to the WWF.


In aid of World Water day, students made origami Hummingbirds throughout the week. This was to represent the “Be the Change you want to see in the World” motto based on the Quechan fable about a hummingbird named Dukdukdiya. During a fierce forest fire, while all other animals stood in stunned fear, Dukdukdiya alone took action by repeatedly carrying a single drop of water in her beak to the flames. The students also had lessons around the topic of water and made posters.

Middle School students took part in the ITZA Wild Wisdom Quiz One Planet Challenge, a global initiative teaching young people about climate change and how to protect the planet.  During the competition, students learnt independently, earned points and won prizes. The challenges included short-form videos, LIVE quizzes and interactive activities.

On Thursday, the Primary School students participated in the WWF Wild Wisdom Quiz. Each year the WWF invites our students to participate in the Wild Wisdom Challenge to learn all about the science of sustainability.

The top teams were as follows:

  • 1st                          Animaltastic - ISN Nice
  • 2nd                        Agora Hummingbirds - Agora Andorra International School
  • Equal 3rd             Nature Protectors - Larnaca Primary School
  • Equal 3rd             Eco Team - RIS Rome

Well done to Vivienne, Alphonse and Dylan from ISN Animaltastics who won the entire WWF quiz, we are proud of you!

All of these activities, as well as many others throughout the year, contribute to ISN maintaining its Eco School Green Flag status for another year.