Globeducate Student Leadership Summit: A Transformational Experience
Michelle Van Buuren

The recently concluded annual Globeducate Student Leadership Summit was a huge success. The first event on the Globeducate Event calendar brought together more than 26 talented senior students from 13 Globeducate schools across the world. The summit took place at the prestigious Stonar School in Bath, UK and the event was aimed at students in leadership positions, preparing them to be global citizens who can shape the world.


Over three action-packed days, attendees engaged in a wide range of activities and discussions, designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to become exceptional leaders.

The summit began with a focus on leadership roles, with participants discovering their unique leadership characteristics through the Belbin test. They then participated in team-building activities, recognizing the importance of matching leadership attributes to the task at hand.

Day two centered on communication and public speaking skills, as students critiqued a less-than-ideal public speaker and learned valuable tips. They also explored Bath's historic sites while engaging the public with fascinating stories. The day concluded with a spine-tingling ghost tour.

The final day saw students create presentations on iconic leaders, showcasing their newfound knowledge. The summit's main goal of forging connections between sister schools was undeniably achieved.


Yago and Victoria, our ISN 2023-24 Head Students, shared their experience of the summit:

“The Globeducate Student Leadership Summit at Stonar was an incredible and enjoyable experience in which Victoria and I had the chance to partake in.  During the summit we discussed what makes a good leader, what types of leaders we are and who our favourite leaders were in the past and present. We did this through engaging in discussions and fun activities which helped us make connections to Globeducate schools all over the world, create new friendships and meet strong leaders. We were fascinated to see the diversity in culture and background of each individual, and how efficiently we worked as a team to achieve our goals and reflect on our mistakes. In the next couple of weeks, we hope to share our experiences with the ISN community and pass on these valuable lessons to our fellow students."


The Globeducate Student Leadership Summit was more than an event; it was an eye-opening, life-changing experience for the students involved. It brought together a diverse group of students and, in doing so, strengthened our understanding of leadership and our place in a global community. It's an experience that will continue to inspire and guide these students as they emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.