ISN 2022/23 Head Students
Michelle Van Buuren

It is with great pleasure that we announce the ISN 2022/23 Head Students. The Senior Head Students are Kit Beresford and Sophia Bille-Rouhier, along with the Deputy Head Students, Fautine Laubry and Lotta Liisanantti. The Middle School head Students are Jinhong Yu (Benben) and Hanrui Zheng.  School Directrice, Mel Curtis adds, “I would like to congratulate them all on their well-deserved appointments into these roles and look forward to working with them through the year.”


Let’s introduce you to our new Head Students…


Hi, I'm Kit! I've been moving countries my whole life and have been to many different schools, each with their own areas of strength and areas to further develop. I believe the best way to further develop a school is through the students. This is why I am so grateful to be a Head Student this year and represent the ISN student body. I want to really motivate students and create a positive environment. Together we can make a school that everyone is excited and proud to go to.


Hi, I am Sophia Bille Rouhier, and will be a Head Student at ISN this year. I started ISN three years ago, coming from the US, Swedish, and French school systems. I believe I have become a better person at this school and it has greatly opened my horizons. I look forward to the year ahead and to working together with all of the student body to create a united school and boost the school spirit. I wish for everyone to feel comfortable and find their place in the school.  ISN is changing a lot since it became a part of the Globeducate group, and I would like to see us all contribute to the growth of the school.  With all of your help, I hope to make the school an even better place, with a chance for everyone to have their voice heard.  I will strive to represent you with honesty and enthusiasm!



Hello! I am Faustine Laubry, and I will be a Deputy Head Student for 2022-2023. I was born in France and lived there for a good part of my life then I moved to Miami for four years. I love traveling around the world and learning about new cultures and languages. I am also really interested in the arts! I am really looking forward to participating in the changes that will be made at school. And I really hope you all students will be able to trust me with your opinions and ideas.  I will try my best to make things change for the best in our beloved school.



Hi, I am Lotta Liisanantti in Grade 10 and I am very excited to be a Deputy Head Student this year and it is a great honour to have this position. I can’t wait to be more immersed in the school and I’m delighted to be able to work with the teachers as well as the students and to listen to my peers to create a difference at school.




Hello, I am Jinhong Yu (Benben). I believe I am well suited to this role. I am a productive learner and I always help my classmates whenever they need me. I participated several times in sports events such as the Med cup of football, basketball and volleyball and I am a good ambassador of the school sports team. I have also had meaningful experiences as class representative




Hello my name is Hanrui Zheng. I come from China and I have studied here in ISN for 1 year.  This is my first time in a leadership position and I will try my best to do this job and make this school an even better place for everyone.




On the 4th of October the Senior Head Students will participate in the Globeducate Student Leadership event taking place at the Stonar School in the UK. There they will meet with all the other Globeducate Head Students and participate in various sessions and workshops focusing on skills such as leadership characteristics, social etiquette, public speaking, preparing for presentations, team building and more. We look forward to hearing about the event upon their return.