ISN Nice Primary School Renovations
Jennifer Wallace

Did you know…ISN Nice is growing and has undergone a makeover in the Early Years and Primary School.

Over the past year, we have renovated all our classrooms and outdoor spaces to put in place the following:

- Ergonomic, flexible and comfortable furniture

- Outdoor learning spaces including an outside classroom with a stage, a sandpit, a reading tower, building blocks, a mud kitchen, a wild garden and more

- Moveable classroom display and whiteboards for presentations and collaboration

- A Makerspace with LEGO® Education Essential Prime and Spike kits, giant EverBlocks for building, a green screen, a sewing machine, 3D pens, filming equipment and other STEAM related equipment – next year, we are developing this further by including a modern and innovative Hacker lab alongside the Computing and Engineering area

- A Young Explorers classroom (ages 3-4) with an open indoor/outdoor space, custom furniture for young children, multi-sensory learning toys, and separate toilets

- New lighting

- Air conditioning in every classroom


And still to come… an ambitious and inspirational renovation plan to transform the entire school into a site of 21st century learning. Watch this space!