ISN Sustainability Update
Michelle Van Buuren

ISN Nice is proud to be an eco-school and we work on various project throughout the school year. Below are details of a few project we are currently working on:


French/ Kenya exchange project

A few Grade 11 and 12 students had a visioconference with students in Kenya. This is part of a great partnership with SAS -Sens Solidaire. Both schools presented their region, culture and typical French food.  This partnership will last a few months as we are now going to look at the environment and conservation of species between our two countries.


ECO Garden

Plans for a school Eco Garden are under way and the students are excited about working on this project. Anna and Mariia (Grade 8) are Planet Patrol members, and have designed a lovely sign for the Eco Garden. It is such a pleasure to see the motivation and implication of students to combat Climate Change.

Very soon, the students will have the opportunity to learn more about the biodiversity and the different species we have in our school



Biomes in our world

Students in Grade 7 have been studying the many different biomes in our world. As part of their learning, they have used their knowledge and understanding of their chosen biome to describe how the climate and soil type impacts the growth of plants, and analysed how the delicately balanced ecosystem can be managed sustainably.

In addition to presenting an explanation of their biome, and the reasons why we need to protect it for future generations, the students have been assessed on the development of their organisation, research, evaluation and reflection skills by completing a research template to support the written component of the task.