London Arts Trip: A Journey Through Creativity and Inspiration
Nalinka Kalder and Michelle van Buuren

The London Arts Trip, which took place before the Winter holidays, proved to be an extraordinary adventure for our motivated Arts students, offering a unique blend of gallery and museum exhibitions, captivating theatre performances, and immersive artistic experiences. This year's itinerary was carefully curated, providing participants with a rich tapestry of cultural encounters that left a lasting impact on their artistic perspectives.

The Royal Academy of Arts played host to one of the trip's highlights – the Marina Abramovic show. Students were immersed in Abramovic's groundbreaking work, witnessing the convergence of art and performance. The exhibition at the Royal Academy provided a profound exploration of the human spirit, as exemplified by Abramovic's assertion that "the spirit in any condition does not burn".

"I really loved the Marina Abramovic exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts and the quote I read where she stated: 'the spirit in any condition does not burn'." Valentina, Grade 11.


The National Portrait Gallery, recently renovated, offered our students an opportunity to engage with portraiture and contemporary art, expanding their horizons and appreciation for different artistic styles. The cultural journey continued with a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, where the 'Diva' exhibition left a lasting impression on the students.

"I loved the Victoria and Albert Museum - especially the 'Diva' exhibition as I found it very empowering and uplifting. It made me reflect on how a woman's place in society has progressed." Lola, Grade 12.

Theatre enthusiasts participated in a workshop tied to the play Hamnet. This interactive session allowed for group performances and facilitated critical discussions around the play's themes and performance elements. The culmination of this theatrical exploration was the mesmerising performance of "The Mongol Khan" at the London Coliseum.

“I loved the Mongol Khan theatre performance at the London Coliseum. I think it was one of the most unique pieces I have ever seen." Romane, Grade 12.

Contrasting themes were explored in the thought-provoking play, "Dear England," which delved into football culture, history and politics. The students also had an opportunity to observe the innovative stage set design by Es Devlin.

“I had very high expectations of the play 'Dear England' but even when I finally saw it, it blew me away." Callum, Grade 12.


The trip also included the David Hockney Lightroom experience, titled 'Bigger not closer.' This immersive encounter allowed students to engage with Hockney's innovative use of light and space, leaving them with a sense of awe and inspiration.

The ISN students embraced every aspect of the trip, showcasing a positive attitude, deep engagement, and a willingness to participate in every activity.

“The experience really allowed us to explore our interests as artists, whether that be through visual arts or theatre, and discover what our classmates enjoyed about the Arts.” Kit, Grade 12.

As we reflect on the success of the London Arts Trip 2023, we extend our gratitude to everyone who participated, making this journey a memorable and enriching experience.  We look forward to the next London Arts Trip in 2024, eager to continue fostering a love for the arts and inspiring the next generation of creative minds.

"It is the most wonderful trip I have ever done for school!” Erin, Grade 11.