Outdoor Classroom Day
Amy Grace and Michelle van Buuren

Our students and teachers took learning outside for the Globeducate Outdoor Classroom Day 2022.

It’s the first of two days this academic year that our students and teachers are organising special activities to take learning outdoors. As well as feeling solidarity with more than 11 million children all over the world who have taken part so far in 'World Outdoor Classroom Days', students in Globeducate schools are connecting with peers in 10 countries. From Canada and Portugal to Cyprus and India, our students of all ages are able to celebrate outdoor learning together and our teachers have the opportunity to share good practice and to inspire and motivate each other.

ISN Nice participated in a number of Outdoor Classroom initiatives that were enjoyed by all.



The Primary School have been learning about Healthy Bodies and Minds in their Essentials lessons. They have been learning the importance of getting their bodies moving and the physical and mental benefits this has. On Outdoor Classroom Day all the students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 got out early, went outside to the sports fields, and got moving. They then discussed and shared their thoughts about how the exercise made them feel.

“I enjoyed going outside with my friends, it made me appreciate the environment we have at school.” Grade 5 student.



Both Grade 4 classes got together to mark Outdoor Learning Day by completing their learning on stories outside. Pupils used chalk and worked collaboratively to create storylines, looking at the key elements that make a good story.

Middle and High School students participated in an Action Day "Running out of time" to support the COP 27.  The idea was to run for 15 minutes and beat the distance of 7700 kilometers, which is the distance from Glasgow (COP 26) to Sharm el-Sheikh (COP27).  The COP 27 is where world leaders gather to make key decisions about how we try to stop climate change.

The students were encourage to discuss and explore climate change and the differences their small changes can make to the future of our planet. 149 students participated in this challenge and an amazing total of 259 kilometers was covered. A huge congratulations!


The Globeducate Outdoor Learning Community is built on understanding the tremendous benefits the outdoors can offer our students and teachers in their learning, wellbeing and happiness. It is a fantastic platform to provide our students with valuable opportunities to develop their skills of collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking. All 55 schools in our group are part of our Outdoor Learning Community, which you can read more about by clicking here