Recycling is Part of the ISN Mindset
Charlotte de Wever


At ISN we know that the lessons we learn in school can spark the habits of a lifetime, and among the more important lessons we can teach our students is the nitty-gritty of recycling. Therefore, recycling is an add-on to the day’s learning, and it is easily integrated into a range of subjects. Since September, ISN has reduced its waste production by implementing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) with the following projects and ideas.

Mask Bins initiated by Julie, Grade 6

Wearing masks is an effective way of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but it is disastrous for the environment. TNT being a component of their materials, they take between 400 and 450 years to fully decompose. Concerned about this new type of environmental pollution, ISN has acquired designated hygienic mask bins, allowing for the safe disposal of face masks or gloves.

Aluminium Can Bins initiated by MS Planet Patrol (Grades 6 to 8)

Trash cans and recycling bins play an important role in keeping the ISN campus clean. Hence, having the right trash can in the right place discourages littering. Moreover, having clearly labeled recycling bins allow for the school to stay green.

Cork and Plastic Cap Bins (« La guerre des Bouchons ») initiated by Leonardo, Grade 6 and Middle School Planet Patrol

In collaboration with the ecological association Super Planet Savers, ISN has organized a collection of cork and plastic caps which will be then sold and recycled. The funds raised from their sale will be used to provide financial assistance to people with disabilities. The main objective of this initiative was to raise students' awareness of the importance of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). We collected 5 kilos of caps in total.

Battery Bin (Corepile) initiated by Primary School Eco leaders

Thanks to our partnership with Corepile, a French state-approved eco-organisation, ISN was able to install a container for used batteries - a "Jet Pile" kiosk. We can now collect up to 20-25 kg of used batteries. Students, teachers and parents can bring their batteries to the collection point. If we collect enough batteries this year, we will become a collection point next year! The Primary School students took part in an ecological challenge by collecting 20 batteries in one month. This was a school house competition and they will get a little present at the end of the challenge…

Toners Ecobox initiated by Romain (IT Manager)

ISN in alliance with CONIBI, the first French consortium dedicated to the recycling of used printing consumables, acquired Ecoboxes, adapted containers, in which we deposit used cartridges instead of throwing them away. The cartridges (lasers, inkjets, toners, etc.) collected by Conibi are 100% reused and recycled in optimised processes that help preserve our planet's natural resources. We have already given 4-6 full boxes of toner cartridges to Conibi since September.

Recycle Christmas trees with the Recyclerie des Moulins and The Mairie de Nice initiated by Elizabeth (High School Planet Patrol teacher)

From the 5th to the 17th of January, ISN joined the campaign “Give your Christmas tree a second life” launched by the Mairie de Nice and the Recyclerie des Moulins. For this occasion, ISN became a recycling point for real Christmas trees, this excludes plastic trees. According to official data, 13.8 tonnes of spruce and Nordmann trees were collected from the paddocks in Nice to be turned into compost. ISN is proud to have contributed to this worthy cause.

Furniture donation to “la Recyclerie des Moulins” initiated by Elizabeth and High School Planet Patrol

ISN is proud to support the Recyclerie des Moulins, an organisation that won the European Award for “zero pollution”. We support their project ‘the 3Rs’ and help them revalue repairable and reusable objects by creating a short cycle between consumption-recovery-sale. Until now, ISN has donated 52 chairs, 6 desks.

Compost thanks to the Mairie de Nice initiated by the Waste Prevention Team (Laetitia, Luca and Maximilian)

We have started composting with the Mairie de Nice’s pedagogical composter programme for schools. ISN Eco leaders and Planet Patrol will learn what composting is and its benefits at school. They will create our compost with leaves, food scraps and coffee grounds. Once we have a good compost, we will use the organic material for our eco-garden. At ISN, composting is a way to promote a responsible and environmentally friendly way to deal with waste.

Blue Paper recycling box initiated by Primary Eco Leaders - Coming soon!

Schools use a lot of paper on a daily basis and this often can’t be helped. At ISN, one way to minimize paper waste is to implement a ‘Blue Paper Recycling box’. This waste collection system consists of blue boxes placed in each classroom. The eco-leaders are responsible for emptying them on a weekly schedule and measuring the amount of paper waste they contain. This will make recycling convenient because the paper waste will be directly deposited at the Mairie de Nice’s central collection bin located next to the school.

This system has many benefits including:

  • Making recycling easy - simply placing paper waste in the boxes located in each classroom.
  • Reducing waste - having a more appropriately sized trash bin prevents us from putting recyclables in normal trash.
  • Bringing awareness of personal waste habits as having a blue deskside paper recycling bin reminds us that most of the waste we have may be recycled.
  • Saving money and the environment by reducing the use of plastic liners.
  • Allowing the ISN campus to be a leader in sustainability practices.