Shining a Light on Mental Health Awareness
Michelle Van Buuren

Before the break we came together to shine a light on Mental Health Awareness in celebration of World Mental Health Day. At ISN, we believe that mental health matters and should be a priority for everyone. As we navigate an ever-changing world, we know that our students' well-being is fundamental to their success.

In our commitment to nurturing the holistic development of our students, ISN organized a series of activities that not only shed light on the importance of mental health but also actively engaged our student body.

At ISN, we understand the power of open conversations about emotions. We believe that giving our students the space to express their feelings and concerns is paramount to their emotional well-being. That's why the whole educational team, including our dedicated pastoral care and in-house psychologist, works together to provide our students with a safe environment to share their thoughts and worries. By fostering these open dialogues, we are building a foundation for strong mental health.


As part of our Mental Health Awareness activities, we organized street dance sessions. These sessions highlighted the incredible power of dance and exercise for our mental well-being. Dance isn't just about movement; it's about expression, joy, and an opportunity to release pent-up emotions. The students danced their way to a healthier state of mind, and the smiles on their faces were proof that dancing truly has a therapeutic quality.

Art has a unique way of allowing individuals to express themselves, and we wanted our students to experience this first-hand. Our art sessions were a great opportunity for students to release their creativity and communicate their emotions through visual mediums. Our students found a therapeutic outlet for their thoughts and feelings.


One of the highlights of our Mental Health Awareness Week was the "Run, Walk, Talk" event. This event brought together our students and their parents to run, walk, and, most importantly, talk about mental health. The power of physical activity in reducing stress and anxiety is well-documented, and combining it with open conversations made this event an invaluable experience.

After the walk, students and parents were able to purchase delicious sweet treats, with all the funds raised going to charity. Thank you to the PTA for the decorations and organisation of the bake sale.


"We were really proud to be part of the Mental Health Day fundraising event and would like to thank everyone that sent in cakes to help raise a FANTASTIC total of 1410 euros. The funds raised are being donated to the Cancer support group CSG06 and Fil Sante Jeunes." - Melissa, PTA

At ISN, we believe that promoting positive mental well-being doesn't end with a single day of awareness. It's an ongoing commitment. As ISN, we're proud to be part of Globeducate's network of schools that prioritise mental health as a backbone for student learning and development.

Let us all help promote positive mental well-being by spreading awareness and showing kindness to those around us. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students and in the world they will one day lead.