Spotlight on our Community: Emily Morgan
Jennifer Wallace
Emily Morgan sitting in the garden.

ISN Nice's 'spotlight series' highlights the work of our teachers and staff.

This week, read our interview with Emily Morgan, our Senior Lead for Student Engagement and Achievement, to find out how she helps student believe in their potential to succeed and inspires a passion for learning.


Please could you introduce yourself and your role at ISN?

Born in Pennsylvania in the U.S., I grew up in Maryland and North Carolina. During my undergraduate studies in Comparative Literature at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, I spent a term studying in France in Perpignan and Paris. Exposure to French culture and ‘la langue de Moliere’ influenced the rest of my life. I have always enjoyed discovery and I am an ardent believer in the idea that we are exponentially enriched when we have meaningful contact with diverse people, cultures and values. 

I am the Senior Lead for Student Engagement and Achievement, which means that I track student progress using the GL Assessments and using data collected through classroom assessments. I work closely with each of the principals to ensure that ISN offers innovative opportunities to engage students in learning so that they can reach their potential. I am also the IB Theory of Knowledge Coordinator and hope to develop more explicit opportunities for students to engage in TOK thinking throughout the curriculum.


How would you define your approach to teaching and learning?

My approach to teaching and learning is constructivist and versatile, more coach than teacher. I try to create as much space as possible for creativity and individuality in the learning environment by offering choice. I like to take my cue from the students who I encourage to suggest avenues of exploration. I also try to instill a passion for learning and hope to surprise students with new ideas and challenge their assumptions and preconceived notions.


If we stepped into your classroom, what would we see?

Emily Morgan with a student

I hope that you would see students gaining confidence in their abilities as critical thinkers and creative decision makers, and I hope that you would hear students leading the discussions and debates.


How would you define the community at ISN Nice?

The ISN community is warm, friendly and loves to laugh! In our quirkiness and our camaraderie, we are a lovely family!


What is your proudest achievement?

I don’t necessarily think of life as having superlative moments. I think of my life’s journey as having lots of little meaningful milestones. I feel proud when someone tells me that I have made a positive impact.


In your field of teaching, how do you bring innovation and inspiration to your students?

I hope to implement a few student-led platforms relating to TOK and/or English. Harnessing the power of social media, this may involve podcasts, or the more traditional TED-style ‘TOK Talks’ (the students will decide). Currently, TOK students in Grade 11 will lead a few preparatory sessions with Grade 10 students to prepare them to be active visitors to their TOK Exhibition (week of March 14-18).