Spotlight on our Community: Sandijs Baskevics
Michelle Van Buuren

ISN Nice's 'spotlight series' highlights the work of our teachers and staff.  

This week we introduce Sandijs Baskevics, our new Director of Sport and Health at ISN.


Please could you introduce yourself and your role at ISN?

I wanted to take a moment to extend a warm and heartfelt greeting as my family and I step into this wonderful ISN family. Coming from Latvia, a cozy corner of northern Europe, we bring with us a bit of our rich cultural heritage that we can't wait to share with all of you.

At ISN, I'll be stepping into the role of Director of Sport and Health, and I have every confidence that, together, we'll embark on a journey towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Please tell us more about your background?

Before joining ISN, I've had the privilege of working at some remarkable schools around the world, from the International School of Riga in Latvia to the bustling streets of Dhaka, the vibrant life in Beijing, the desert charm of Doha, Qatar, and even the beautiful landscapes of Zambia. My family and I share a passion for exploring new places, meeting new faces, and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures.

How would you define your approach to teaching sport and PE?

With over two decades of teaching PE, coaching various sports teams, and leading the sports programs, I've crafted a teaching philosophy that's simple yet profound: "Where fun, creativity, and learning happen." It's all about providing students with different experiences to discover themselves, push their boundaries, and emerge as better individuals and global citizens. Through inquiry and exploration, our students will find joy in staying active and realize the pivotal role movement plays in their development and well-being.

Any final thoughts?

I am looking forward to the new beginnings, shared adventures, and a world of opportunities that await us in the heart of the ISN Wolves community. I can't wait to witness and contribute to the enthusiasm and energy that define our home here at ISN.