ISN Nice Partners with Arts International

Jennifer Wallace
A logo with a red background and white text that says Arts International
ISN Nice is proud to announce an exciting new partnership between our school and Arts International, a leading performing arts establishment that collaborates with schools in the Middle East and Europe.
We will also be working alongside ICS London and ICS Milan, our sister schools in the ICS cluster within the Globeducate group, for upcoming projects where our students can team up and perform together.

Arts International has its origins in the UK’s leading performing arts school, under the Presidency of Andrew Lloyd Webber. It brings artists from the theatre (Hamilton, Mary Poppins, Lion King), television (The Crown, Downton Abbey) and film to work with students around the world. In fact, the latest actor to play 007 in the new Bond movie is an alumna.

A high school students in a burgundy jacket twirls a female student in a purple dress during a musical performance

During the first year of our partnership, we will be working on three programmes at ISN Nice. These will focus on Globeducate’s four key principles of:

I) Delivering Educational Excellence

II) Developing Skills and Competencies

III) Building Character

IV) Nurturing Global Perspectives

The first programme, starting in January 2022, will help students by ‘Finding My Voice’ to express their identity and personality. In February, we will collaborate with ICS Milan to plan and perform a ‘Carnevale’ celebration between the two schools. At the end of the year, we will expand our collaboration to include ICS London, for a spectacular year end concert, celebrating the key principles of education at Globeducate and inspiring our students to ‘Shape the World’

ISN Nice has a rich history of performing arts, with it's famous 'winter musical' known throughout the region. This partnership will take theatre and music at ISN Nice to even greater heights!
This is also the first time schools in Globeducate have worked together on an initiative such as this, and ISN Nice is proud to be leading the way.