High School Students Attend Berlin Model United Nations

Sergio Galvis

This year’s Berlin Model United Nations (BERMUN) XXX Conference was attended by a delegation of 12 ISN Nice High School Students debating on Social and Humanitarian Issues like the effect of war on women; economic and social issues such as post-war minority segregation; current political issues looking to solve the current humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia, a re-enacting of the Security Council during the Falklands War, and the 1980’s ICJ case of USA vs Nicaragua.  

The 2021 BERMUN Opening Ceremony emphasized the theme “Pursuing Peace in a World of War and Conflict” in light of a remark that BERMUN received from the acting UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, who stated that although we are meeting online this year, BERMUN still shows “the power of collective action.” Along these lines, the ISN delegation was fully engaged from November 17th – 2Oth, debating these topics with hundreds of delegates from across 25+ countries.

In the words of Theo Lhuillier, delegate of Gabon in the Economic and Social Committee:

“The weeks building up to my first MUN conference were stressful to say the least. There was a high level of work and preparation required to even participate the slightest bit. I would not consider myself a shy person, but the thought of being in a room with 50 other delegates who are listening and dissecting every word I said intimidated me. As the conference progressed, so did my confidence. I finally felt the thrill MUN’ers feel and it was an eventful and exciting experience for me. I would no doubt do this again, it is worth it!”