Celebrating ISN IB Results

Celebrating ISN IB Results
Michelle Van Buuren


ISN is proud to celebrate the International Baccalaureate (IB) results achieved by our students this year. Special congratulations to the two top achieving ISN IB students, Charlotte and Theo, who both achieved an outstanding score of 43 points, setting a remarkable standard for academic excellence.

“Despite IB’s high standards this year, I am very satisfied with my results. They mark the end of my journey at ISN and the beginning of an exciting new chapter at Humanitas University, where I will be studying Medicine and Surgery for the next six years!”, Charlotte, 2023 ISN IB Graduate.

We are proud that eight ISN students attained scores of 35 points or higher, a testament to their well-rounded education and hard work. Another notable highlight of this year's results is that 20% of students earned bilingual IB diplomas, showcasing ISN's commitment to nurturing global citizens proficient in multiple languages.

One of ISN's most remarkable achievements is consistently surpassing the worldwide IB average score, demonstrating our dedication to upholding rigorous academic standards and fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity.

ISN Directrice Mel Curtis says, “We’re so proud of our students' achievements, especially how they overcame many hurdles to complete the rigorous IBDP.  Well done to our students, parents, and teachers!”

At ISN, these results are not just a celebration of academic achievement, but also a testament to the school's unwavering commitment to providing a world-class education that empowers students to excel both academically and personally.

Congratulations to our International Baccalaureate class of 2023…the world awaits!