Celebrating the annual IB Visual Arts Vernissage

Celebrating the annual IB Visual Arts Vernissage
Nalinka Kalder and Michelle van Buuren

On Tuesday, March 26th, our 15 talented IB Visual Arts students showcased their remarkable achievements. The event was a celebration, attended by proud families, dedicated teachers, and supportive friends. Our students poured their hearts into their work, knowing that this exhibition contributes to a significant portion, 40%, of their final IB grade.


From captivating black and white photography to dynamic films, striking paintings, and innovative digital creations, the diversity of artistic expression was truly awe-inspiring. The gallery also featured impressive large-scale pieces crafted with meticulous attention to detail in mixed media.

What's even more inspiring is the diverse paths our students are set to embark on. Many of them are destined for further study in creative fields such as Interior Design, Film, Design Animation, and Fashion and Fine Art.


As an IB school, we take immense pride in nurturing such exceptional talent. Congratulations to the Visual Arts students of the class of 2024! Your dedication, creativity, and hard work are truly commendable, and we eagerly await your outstanding final IB results.

Let's continue to foster a culture of creativity and excellence at ISN!