Charting the Blue Future: ISN Delegation Attends Monaco Ocean Week

Charting the Blue Future: ISN Delegation Attends Monaco Ocean Week
Elizabeth Hernandez and Michelle van Buuren

During the week of March 19th to March 20th, 2024, the ISN Model UN delegation for ECOSOC and WEF was actively engaged in Monaco Ocean Week, participating in two significant events that focused on ocean conservation and sustainable development.


On Tuesday, March 19th, the delegation attended the "Road to the 3rd UN Ocean Conference" themed "The Great Blue Wall: Pioneering Intersectoral Partnerships for Ocean Action in Africa." Led by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and key figures such as Pierre Gilles from the Monaco Blue Initiative and Barka Mossae from IUCN, this event emphasised the importance of intersectoral partnerships for ocean action, particularly in Africa. Discussions centred on the potential of the blue economy in Africa's Western Indian Ocean region, highlighting its role in driving nature conservation and sustainable development outcomes. The delegation expressed gratitude to the experts for sharing their insights, finding the experience truly inspiring.


The following day, Wednesday, March 20th, the ISN students participated in the "Let's Be Nice to the Ocean" initiative. Coordinated by Remi Parmentier from The Varda Group and Loreley Picourt from Ocean & Climate Platform, this event aimed to promote ocean conservation and sustainability.

During this impactful occasion, the ISN delegation actively engaged in roundtable discussions, delving into innovative proposals from the Let’s Be Nice to the Ocean e-book, which was published in 2023. 

Their hearts were stirred by the profound insights of Dr. Sylvia Earle, a trailblazer in oceanic research. Dr. Earle, the first female chief scientist of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Time Magazine's inaugural Hero for the Planet in 1998, has been an inspiration with her work as the founding President of Mission Blue and as an Explorer-at-Large for the National Geographic Society.

This gathering also provided a dynamic platform for collective reflection, inviting civil society organizations to contribute actionable ideas and to challenge the status quo by thinking outside the box.

Drawing from their past involvement, the ISN students are poised to share their insights, further expanding upon their contributions in the "A Call to All Ocean Voices" summary report. In this report, they strongly advocated for principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ), highlighting the significance of education for sustainable development, human rights, and global citizenship (SDG 4.7).

Moreover, they emphasized the pivotal role of women and gender equality (SDG 5) in combating climate change and preserving ocean ecosystems (SDG 14), while promoting partnerships for achieving the goals (SDG 17), particularly during the upcoming uNOC2025 summit.


"The Monaco ocean week was an amazing opportunity that focused our attention on the sustainable solutions towards the ecological management of our oceans. There was no better way to immerse ourselves in the eco week and learn simultaneously about what is being put into place for our planet, finally it was a great introduction to the UNOC2025 in Nice." - Isis, ISN Student. 

Overall, Monaco Ocean Week provided the ISN Model UN delegation with invaluable opportunities to engage with global leaders and experts, contributing to the discourse on ocean conservation and sustainable development.