Clara Hawking Engages ISN Students in Thoughtful Discussions on AI and Education

Clara Hawking Engages ISN Students in Thoughtful Discussions on AI and Education
Clara Hawking and Michelle van Buuren

Globeducate Head of AI, Clara Hawking, was back at ISN this week. During her visit she spent time with the students.


"During my day-long visit on February 20th, I had the opportunity to interact with groups of students from 4th - 11th grade. Our discussions centered around the use of AI in education, emphasizing the importance of responsible use. It was encouraging to see that students were not only aware of the potential for misuse but were also actively interested in learning how to use AI in ways that enhance their education. The students were eager to contribute and shared many good ideas on how use tech more effectively, to improve curriculum and preserve academic integrity in the age of generative AI.

A particularly enlightening aspect of discussions emerged from the youngest students expressing a desire for more tech-free interactions with adults. Although they like phones and social media, they shared a wish list of activities they hoped to enjoy, away from the digital world, such as cooking, movies, exploring the outdoors, skiing, and simply spending tech free time together. This sparked meaningful conversations on the importance for both adults and children to find a balanced use of technology in an increasingly digital environment.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to engage with these inspirational students. Their thoughtful perspectives and willingness to discuss complex issues were not only inspiring but also reinforced the importance of our work in integrating responsible technology use into our educational frameworks and work closely with students on shaping the future with AI." - Clara Hawking

Our thanks goes out to Clara for discussing these interesting and important topics with our students.

Clara also recently spoke to First News about whether AI should be taught in schools. You can read more about her interview with them by clicking here.