ISN Nice Makes an Impact with the WWF Tree of Promises at COP26 Glasgow

Jennifer Wallace
A tree with leaves featuring handwritten promises made by students in the centre of a conference hall
Promises made by ISN Nice students about changes they will make to ensure a positive impact on the future of our planet are on display in the centre of the Blue Zone at COP26 in Glasgow for the next two weeks. In addition, a film directed by ISN Nice students will play alongside the Globeducate manifesto film.
As a member of Globeducate, ISN Nice benefits from a unique partnership with WWF and the school is committed to becoming an Eco-School. Over the last two years, as they began working to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030, students have taken part in activities with WWF experts, group-wide online summits, debates and the annual Globeducate - WWF Festival of Sustainability
Through this important relationship, ISN Nice students, alongside Nobel Algarve British International School and Agora Portals International School, were invited to contribute “promise leaves” to the WWF Tree of Promises, occupying centre stage in the COP 26 Blue Zone, used for key negotiations, between 31st October to 12th November.
ISN Nice Directrice Mel Curtis says: “A recent global study has found that young people are suffering ‘profound psychological distress’ due to climate change and governments inaction on the crisis. At ISN Nice we are uniquely placed to play an important part in the legacy of COP26. Our students are proud agents of change, and through our innovative academic and extracurricular programmes, they learn how collective action can have an impact, no matter how big or small.
Now is the time to face the truth, listen to young people, and take urgent action against climate change.
These messages of hope from our students are directed at the decision makers of our planet’s future, proof that younger generations can have an impact and shape the world.”