Elizabeth Hernandez

At ISN we prepare our students to be empathetic global citizens who will be active contributors for a more sustainable world. In January we used the Spanish tradition of the Three Wise Men to educate our community on reducing waste in school.


Students and Teachers on their stand on recycling

In Spain, Santa Claus isn’t the star of the show when the holiday season rolls around. Instead, it’s the Three Wise Men—or los reyes magos—who take center stage during the winter holidays. They’re the ones who bring Spanish children their gifts during the night on January 5.


Although we all know that children love toys, at ISN Christmas becomes a magical moment to share all the rituals and traditions that encourage students to dream, enjoy and share. The perfect moment to teach them that there are other valuable things to ask for to make the world a better place to live: “Working Towards Zero Waste”.


Therefore, The Spanish Department and Planet Patrol (our Changemakers group dedicated to sustainability) launched an education and awareness campaign last week, with the proposal to drive a change of attitude toward waste at school. They invited not only students, but also teachers, the principal, non-teaching staff and the PTA to participate in the Waste Campaign “Write a letter to the Three Wise Men” that took place at ISN from the 3rd to 7th January 2022.

Students body spelling the word "recycle"


The participants wrote their own little letter to the Three Wise Men in which they stated the eco wish that they would most like to see at ISN, keeping in mind the 3Rs of waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Examples included….

  • Going paperless as much as possible
  • Trying to use both sides of a piece of paper for printing, copying and writing.
  • Bringing reusable bags
  • Opting for reusable containers
  • More recycling bins around the school, including for batteries
Teachers discussing about recycling.


At ISN we believe that incorporating the reduce, reuse, recycle message within lessons is key to encouraging young people to think differently about waste, and to think about how they can incorporate waste minimisation activities into their own school and home environments.


Any date can be an opportunity to recycle and extend the life of the goods we already have; in this way, we will manage to care for and renew the planet.