Enchanting Realms: Inside the ISN Collected Grimm Tales School Production

Enchanting Realms: Inside the ISN Collected Grimm Tales School Production
Michelle Van Buuren

Last week, we were treated to a truly magical ISN production of the Collected Grimm Tales. The annual ISN school production is a highlight on the school calendar, and this year’s Collected Grimm Tales production, curated with passion and precision, transported us to realms of wonder and imagination.


The scene was set when the guests arrived, as they were welcomed by “Red Riding Hood” CAS students and followed a candy path to the entrance of the theatre. The eerie tune of Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics played at the start of the show.


Under the visionary guidance of Ms Stewart, our talented cast brought these timeless tales to life with an interpretation that was nothing short of breathtaking. Each scene unfolded with a magic that captivated the audience. 


The dedication of the tech team, led by Mr Booth, made the production shine even brighter.  The set design, lighting, and sound transformed the stage into a realm of enchantment. Every flicker of light, every note of music, contributed to the magical effect.


The students involved, both on and off the stage, were simply amazing! It is evident they poured their hearts into every aspect of this production. The talent, dedication, and enthusiasm are inspiring. 

The selected tales included:

  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Ashputtel
  • The Hare and the Hedgehog
  • A Riddling Tale
  • Clever Hans
  • The Musians of Bremen
  • The Golden Key


The production truly was so much fun!! - Mr Nelson

It was an amazing show.  The actors and tech teams are embodying all the IB values from resilience to collaboration. Fantastic job Ms Stewart and Mr Booth!!! - Mrs Therrien

It was wonderful to watch so many of our younger school community in action...collaboration and team effort all the way.  Congratulations to the whole team!! - Mrs Kalder

Super, super work by Ms Stewart, Mr Booth, music and arts department, all the students and all of those unnamed, unseen behind the scenes... Really beautiful, refreshing, inspiring production! - Ms Wood

Such a diverse, original experience for our students with so many aspects of theatre craft incorporated into a truly fantastic show. - Ms McMorris Gilli

Far from grim, but oh so edgy! Love the puppets, lights and soundscape! The range of theatre craft in the staging decisions....and so much more! - Ms Morgan

The ISN Collected Grimm Tales production was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and community. It was a reminder that magic thrives in the hearts of those who dare to dream and believe.


Special thanks to Ms Stewart and Mr Booth, the cast and tech team. Thank you the ISN Community who attended the production and supported. Thanks to the staff for their assistance as well as the CAS students and PTA. Putting an event like this together takes a team!


Now the planning for the next production starts…be sure not to miss its!