Exploring AI at the Cannes Festival

Exploring AI at the Cannes Festival
Insaf Achour and Michelle van Buuren



The World AI Cannes Festival took place, from February 8th to the 10th, and the ISN Grade 11 and 12 Computer Science students attended to explore the latest developments in AI technology.

The World AI Cannes Festival serves as a gathering for individuals and companies at the forefront of developing groundbreaking and purposeful AI strategies worldwide. It showcases the most remarkable innovations and technologies driven by the Top 200 AI players.


The students had an incredible time at the festival, engaging in workshops and participating in insightful discussions with industry leaders. Every moment was filled with learning as they delved into the realm of artificial intelligence, exploring cutting-edge technology and discussing its ethical implications.

Mrs. Achour, ISN's Computer Science teacher, remarked, “Witnessing our students' passion for AI grow and seeing their innovative ideas take shape was truly inspiring. As we returned home, we carried with us a renewed sense of curiosity and determination to shape the future of AI.”

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