Exploring Andorra's Geography: Grade 10 Field Trip

Exploring Andorra's Geography: Grade 10 Field Trip
Michelle Van Buuren

At the end of September, our Grade 10 Geography class embarked on a field trip to Andorra, a picturesque country nestled in the Pyrenees, allowed them to delve deep into the intricacies of both the physical and human geography of this fascinating nation.


During their stay in Andorra, our students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in various aspects of geography. They learned how to measure a river, analysed the transformations it undergoes as it flows from its upper to lower course, and explored data classification and sampling techniques. Moreover, they compared urban and rural areas in the charming Andorra La Vella. This hands-on experience brought the classroom theories to life.

As they ventured into the diverse landscapes and communities of Andorra, our students embraced the chance to grow not just academically, but also personally. The trip allowed them to hone their observation, analytical, and social skills, creating a lasting impact on their overall development.

Damian shared, "It was a very creative and innovative trip, and was very useful to the students. We learned and developed our social skills whilst engaging with my classmates."

Chloe reflected, "It was nice seeing the biodiversity of a different country and comparing our country to Andorra."

Talal said, “I really enjoyed the physical practicality of the trip with the rivers, and the city of Andorra La Vella was gorgeous in some areas. I’m really glad I got to go on this trip as I’ve gotten much closer with many of my classmates."


The Andorra field trip allowed the students to take their learning beyond the classroom. We are incredibly proud of their enthusiasm and curiosity as they continue their educational journey at our school. This adventure is a testament to the power of experiential learning and the dedication of our educators to offer unique opportunities to our students. We look forward to more adventures like this in the future!