Fostering Diplomacy and Leadership: Highlights from Globeducate MUN 2024

Fostering Diplomacy and Leadership: Highlights from Globeducate MUN 2024
Sergio Galvis and Michelle van Buuren

The Globeducate Model United Nations (MUN) 2024, organised by Agora Madrid International School, was a prestigious event that brought together students from 22 schools across 3 continents to simulate the workings of the United Nations agencies. The MUN provided an immersive experience for participants to engage in diplomacy, negotiation, and problem-solving on global issues, ranging from international migration, genetically modified organisms, and the role of artificial intelligence in current governance.


ISN Nice delegates representing different countries including Afghanistan, Austria, Guatemala, Japan, and Venezuela; and discussed and debated for three days. Through research, public speaking, and collaboration, students honed their critical thinking and leadership skills while gaining a deeper understanding of international relations.

Among the standout participants, Uliana, the delegate of Japan in the Security Council from ISN Nice, was recognised with the Outstanding Delegate Award for her exceptional performance, diplomacy, and contribution to the debates. This award acknowledges her dedication, eloquence, and ability to effectively represent her assigned country's interests while working towards consensus and solutions to complex global challenges.

The Madrid Globeducate MUN 2024 served as a transformative experience for all participants, offering them a deeper understanding of international relations and fostering the development of essential skills. Beyond honing their diplomatic abilities, students had the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering a sense of global citizenship and cooperation.

"The Madrid MUN was a very new experience for me, I was welcomed and integrated warmly and nicely into the program. I arrived very nervous because it was my first MUN but my committee was extremely collaborative, I met many new people and made some friends that I will hopefully see again. My overall experience was great and very eye-opening because of what I learned and the new skills I developed, I would love to participate again and to make more memories." - Toby, ISN Student and Delegate of Venezuela in the General Assembly

"The Madrid MUN was one of the most enriching and fulfilling academic experiences I've ever had. The satisfaction of collaborating with like-minded individuals with the goal of implementing universally beneficial measures was unmatched. I highly recommend everyone to try it at least once." - Uliana, ISN Student and Delegate of Japan in the Security Council

"Attending my first Model United Nations conference was an exciting and eye-opening experience. My fellow delegates were extremely welcoming, kind and created a vibrant and animated atmosphere." - Mati, ISN Student and Delegate of Guatemala in the FAO

"This was the first MUN conference that I participated in, and it exceeded my expectations. I had the chance to engage in extremely intriguing debates, explore some fascinating topics and make new friends. The conference was a marvelous experience and I am thankful for the opportunity." - Eden, ISN Student and Delegate of Austria in the ECOSOC

“MUN was an amazing learning opportunity for me and I felt very welcomed by all the participants. I enjoyed interacting with other delegates from around the world and hearing their ideas, this experience allowed me to be more open minded and expand my Global Politics Knowledge outside the school.” - Maori, ISN Student and Delegate of Afghanistan in the HRC 


As the world grapples with increasingly complex challenges, initiatives like the Globeducate MUN play a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of global leaders. By empowering students to engage critically with pressing issues and collaborate towards viable solutions, events like these pave the way for a more interconnected and harmonious future.

The success of the Globeducate Model United Nations 2024 underscores the importance of providing students with platforms to engage meaningfully with global issues. Through dialogue, collaboration, and leadership, participants emerged not only with enhanced skills but also with a renewed sense of responsibility towards shaping a better world.