From Coastline to the Finish Line: ISN Team Wins Best Performance Prize at Junk Kouture World Final in Monaco

From Coastline to the Finish Line: ISN Team Wins Best Performance Prize at Junk Kouture World Final in Monaco
Michelle Van Buuren

The Junk Kouture Team from the International School of Nice proudly represented their school at the Junk Kouture World Final held in Monaco last night, clinching the prize for Best Performance. Junk Kouture, a platform challenging young minds to transform recycled materials into haute couture, celebrates innovation, sustainability, and artistic expression.


Under the mentorship of Mrs. Curtis, the school's Director, three ISN students - Vega, Luisa, and Lily - embarked on a journey to create a stunning piece of wearable art as part of their involvement in Changemakers sessions. Changemakers is an enrichment program at ISN, empowering students beyond academics, fostering talents, and nurturing visionary change-makers. Additionally, as a proud member of Globeducate, ISN Nice prepares each student to be a global citizen who can shape the world, and participating in Junk Kouture shows the impact young people can have on the future of sustainability.

The Team created the design during Grade 11 and Grade 12 and made it through to the Junk Kouture Paris City Final, where they were one of the top 10 designs selected to participate in the World Final.

"The ISN Alumni travelled back from University to take part in the Finale and we are so proud of their achievement, because sustainability is an absolute necessity in today's world," - Mel Curtis, ISN Director.


Drawing inspiration from the azure hues of the Mediterranean and the timeless elegance of French fashion, the students crafted a mesmerising ensemble using materials sourced from beach clean-ups and local collaborations. With meticulous attention to detail, they fashioned a resplendent gown symbolising their dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable fashion.

Reflecting on their design process, the students remarked, "Our creation embodies the essence of our coastal surroundings while advocating for sustainable fashion choices. From repurposed cardboard to upcycled soda tabs, every element tells a story of environmental consciousness and creativity."

"Participating in Junk Kouture has been an absolutely insane experience that brought so many new perspectives into our lives. I would have never thought that we would make it to the finals and even less that we would be winning an award. For anyone who has the chance to participate in Junk Kouture, do it!!" - Luisa

"After 2 years of working on this project we finally had the opportunity to present our dress at the world finals! It was incredible to see the designs from all different cultures and countries come to life on the runway. Not only did we not imagine making it this far but we also could’ve never imagined winning the performance award! We are immensely grateful for the chance to be part of the change towards sustainable fashion and will definitely be following next year. Honestly an amazing experience that I hope many of you will now want to try." - Vega

ISN's triumph at the Junk Kouture World Final is a beacon of inspiration for embracing sustainable practices in fashion.