Games and Teamwork at the Primary School Sports Day

Games and Teamwork at the Primary School Sports Day
Lorna Wright and Michelle van Buuren

Last week the ISN Primary School students enjoyed their annual Sports Day!


Students were grouped according to their school houses and completed a circuit of 8 events (and 2 refreshment stands), before they had the sprint finals and House Relays.

The events completed were:

  • chest push
  • water sponge challenge
  • 3 legged race
  • nerf ball throw
  • sprint
  • netball shot
  • bean bag throw
  • sack race
  • standing long jump
  • and egg and spoon race

Felix - “I enjoyed sports because it gave a chance for anyone and everyone to perform in sports no matter what their ability”

Mathis - “I loved the sponge challenge because I got to cool off and the I enjoyed sprint because I love to run”

Avika - “Sports day was fun. We did lots of exercising. I loved having a strawberry ice pop during the day too”

The results were as follows:

  • 1st place - Athena
  • 2nd place - Ares
  • 3rd place - Apollo
  • 4th place - Poseidon

"Thank you to everyone involved and the sunshine for creating such a lovely day," Mrs Wright, PE Teacher.