ISN Nice Hosts VII Globeducate Model United Nations

ISN Nice Hosts VII Globeducate Model United Nations
Jennifer Wallace

From the 30th March to the 1st April, ISN Nice hosted the VII Globeducate Model United Nations online, bringing together 167 delegates across 31 schools for three days of presenting, debating, mediating and passing legislations.

"We all want to be judged by the content of our character, not by the colour of our skin, opinions, thoughts or sexual orientation" - Nick Danzinger, MUN Opening Ceremony Guest Speaker.

At the Opening Ceremony of the VII Globeducate MUN, Grade 12 ISN Nice student Edison welcomed all 31 schools to the event and introduced ISN Nice Director Mel Curtis, who encouraged participants to find their voices over the next three days. Then Nick Danzinger, a renowned photojournalist who has travelled the world capturing images of the most dispossesed and disadvantaged, shared some of his photos with us whilst speaking about the situations of extreme poverty he has witnessed.

It was a privilege to welcome Nick to the event, and we thank him for his time.

After the opening ceremony, delegates were invited to get to know one another in group meetings with ice-breaker activities and initial discussions. The closing words of Nick Danzinger certainly set the tone for the conference:

"You've been given opportunities and choices that others don't have - hand them down to others. Leave the planet in a better place than you received it, and fight for rights of what others dream of."

What followed was two intense days of presentations, debate, and amending and passing resolutions. We were deeply impressed with the confidence, maturity and passion shown by all participants for the important and very relevant subjects covered during the conference.

Thank you to all of our chairs, co-chairs and delegates; ISN MUN coordinator Sergio Galvis; Globeducate Director of Education Oanh Crouch; and Globeducate Heads of Schools and MUN Directors. And a huge congratulations to our award winners for best delegate from each forum!

In the words of our students:

"MUN allows you to discover so much about world issues that you would never have found out. And it's such an interesting way to find out new things because it's not just reading the newspaper, you're discussing with people and you're making friends, and it's just such a great experience and such a global experience." Heloise, NATO Chair.

"I would always recommend MUN to anyone that's interested in politics or just public speaking and debating, it's helped me so much with my public speaking. My first MUN, I was shaking and then the second one I could actually speak. It just allows you to see so many different perspectives all at the same time. And it's a really amazing way to educate yourself." Amelia, Chair of the Human Rights Committee.

"This is my first MUN conference and I was really nervous but the chairs and delegates made it a truly welcoming experience. It has been a great pleasure to learn about new perspectives and ideas. And I'm looking forward to attending again next year.” Delegate of Japan in Ecosoc.