Grade 9 Students Participate in Globeducate Debates Event

Grade 9 Students Participate in Globeducate Debates Event
Jennifer Wallace


This week, five of our Grade 9 students, Gibrane, Edoardo, Niklas, Eden, and Antoni, participated in the annual Globeducate Debates Events. They were supported and coached by our MUN Coordinator, Sergio Galvis.

Once a year, Globeducate Debates gives students aged 10 to 18 in Globeducate schools the opportunity to pitch their ideas against an opposing team in another Globeducate school in another country. Between June 13th and 17th 2022, students from across a wide age range and six countries took part in the annual student debate competition.

This challenging and dynamic international competition for our Globeducate students across the world launched during the pandemic in 2021 and proved "inspiring" and "thought-provoking" with students of all ages and their teachers. Globeducate schools from Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK worked together in their teams, in four age group sections.

Our students had the debate title 'Beauty Pageants Should be Banned' and were arguing for the motion. The opposing team were students from Stonar School in the UK, and both teams showed formidable prowess in the debate arena: the jury was impressed with both arguments.

Before the competition, participant Eden shared: "As a global perspective student, I had the opportunity to enhance my debating skills, and I was encouraged to acquire several skills through this debate such as researching, argumentative skills, public speaking and collaborative skills. I’m looking forward to using these qualities and challenging myself throughout this debate which I consider a win-win situation since we can always gain an understanding of new perspectives. The motion which we will debate about is the idea of banning beauty pageants. In my opinion this is quite a controversial topic and the delegates whom are participating throughout this debate should be able to come to a conclusion at the end."

More than ever, students graduating school need to be educated about the hot topics society faces now and tomorrow, and they need to know how to use their voice for good. We live in momentous times and the pace of change in all aspects of life is always increasing. Globeducate Debates is one of many international events on our global calendar that helps to prepare each student to be a global citizen who can shape the world.