IB Diploma Results - The Class of 2021

Jennifer Wallace
Grade 12 students in caps and gowns are seated for a photograph outdoors

The ISN Nice team are thrilled to share with you the IB Diploma results published this week for the Class of 2021.

We are proud to announce that there was an average score of 34 across the 50 students who took the IB Diploma this year, and school records were broken when our Class Valedictorian Dimitrios Stathogiannopoulos received an outstanding score of 44/45 points.

Our Directrice, Mel Curtis, made the following statement:

"I am very proud of ISN this year as an inclusive school

  • Our AVPS 34
  • Top scoring student  - 44/45 points

Our students have demonstrated resilience and ownership over their learning.

Through this difficult time, our ISN students have faced the additional challenge of managing their learning online through zoom and managebac.

The ability to cope with these challenges and to continue to make good progress demonstrates their independence, organisational skills and resilience.

The ISN IB staff have shown true collaboration and support of each other in developing additional ways of working in developing individual mentoring programmes for our students. They have shown great dedication in times of volatility and uncertainty.

Well done!"

Congratulations to all our Grade 12 students. We hope you have a wonderful summer and we wish you all the best for the next stage of your lives. We are so proud of our ISN Nice alumni!