ISN Achieves Eco School Silver Award for the Second Consecutive Year

ISN Achieves Eco School Silver Award for the Second Consecutive Year
Michelle Van Buuren


In a remarkable feat of dedication and sustainability, ISN has once again been honoured with the prestigious Eco School Silver Award. This achievement marks the second consecutive year that the school has been recognised for its exceptional commitment to environmental education and conservation efforts.

The Eco School Silver Award, a global recognition, is presented to institutions that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable practices, environmental awareness, and eco-friendly initiatives. ISN's unwavering dedication to fostering a greener and more sustainable future for its students and the community has truly set it apart.

Under the inspiring guidance of passionate educators and the active participation of students, ISN has continued to spearhead numerous eco-friendly projects and initiatives. From energy saving campaigns and waste reduction programs to biodiversity preservation and community outreach, the school has consistently demonstrated its determination to make a positive impact on the environment.


Mrs Laroche, Sustainability and Eco School Coordinator said, “We can ALL be proud of what we have done to keep this award!”

With this well-deserved recognition, ISN continues to instil a sense of environmental responsibility in its students, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for generations to come. Congratulations to the entire ISN School community on this outstanding achievement!