Grade 6 Students Make a Meaningful Impact with Caritas Refugee Crisis Backpack Collection

Grade 6 Students Make a Meaningful Impact with Caritas Refugee Crisis Backpack Collection
Suzanne Mellor and Michelle van Buuren

In a heartwarming initiative, Grade 6 students, along with their parents, recently celebrated the culmination of a three-month journey dedicated to learning about the refugee crisis and the commendable work of Caritas. The highlight of this endeavour was the Caritas Refugee Crisis Backpack collection, where students showcased their academic growth and commitment to making a positive difference in the world.


During a special session organised to recognise the students' success, it was a joyous sight to witness them interacting with one another and actively consolidating their newfound knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. Each group of students had diligently prepared a blooket, summarising their learnings, which became a dynamic tool for peer-to-peer interaction.

Samira Joon, a Caritas helper and an ex-ISN parent, expressed her delight at the transformation she observed in the students. "What a difference in the students today compared to when we met them a month ago! They were engaged, informed, and interested. They asked questions, they told stories. When I went around from table to table to talk to them, the overall consensus is that they enjoyed helping others," she shared.


The students themselves echoed the sentiment of fulfilment and accomplishment:

  • Anna Lina: "I think it was fun and interesting, and they all gave us a lot of information on refugees and how they help them."
  • Felix: "It was great since we learned about the charity we are working with."
  • Knut: "I think they talked with about the life of other people, which countries or places where they lived were too hard, and we need to give some clothes/money/food."
  • Sebastien: "I collected boots, socks, and gloves."
  • Sean: "I collected a coat, gloves, long trousers, shoes, and a toothbrush paste."

More information about this project can be found on the website for caritas refugees:

This initiative showcases the students' dedication to understanding global issues and emphasises their compassionate approach to helping those in need. The ISN community applauds these students for their meaningful contributions.