ISN Renovations - July Roundup

ISN Renovations - July Roundup
Jennifer Wallace

The renovation team at ISN Nice have been very busy throughout the month of July - breaking walls, installing new flooring and lighting, renovating classrooms, creating new spaces and much more.

There are five key areas that have undergone renovations, and we can't wait to show you the final reveal in September.

In the meantime, here is a taster:

Entrance and lobby

When students return in September they will take their first steps into a redesigned lobby. With a new reception area, study booths, a medical room, an IT room and a meeting space. 

Art & Design

We have opened up the Art & Design space to create more room for student projects. There will be big tables for collaborative work, new materials, sinks, and watch this space for an exciting engineering project...

Music Room

This will become our brand new music room with desks, keyboards, a raised platform for performances, booths for private instrument and singing lessons, and a recording studio.

IB Common Room

We launched our IB common room earlier this year and now it's been enlarged, with plans for an outdoor space in the autumn. There will be new lockers, study booths with docking stations, and plenty of space for group work.

Primary School

The renovation of the Primary School has been an ongoing project for over a year. This summer we have added new flooring to the corridor, and all classrooms have been upgraded with air conditioning and sliding doors leading to the outside space. Our two Grade 5 classes will be happy to discover that they now share a connected classroom, and they will each have a brand new Smart TV, which will be rolled out for other grades later in the year.