ISN Students Achieve Great Results at Globeducate Debates

ISN Students Achieve Great Results at Globeducate Debates
Amy Grace and Michelle van Buuren

The annual Globeducate Debates competition recently took place, bringing together nearly 200 students from 18 Globeducate schools across eight countries. Divided into three age groups, they showcased their impressive debating skills over four days, discussing topics such as AI, fracking, and outer space.


Teachers and students expressed enthusiasm for the event, highlighting the valuable skills developed, including critical thinking and public speaking abilities.

ISN Nice teams achieved success, winning two out of three debates they participated in.

Mr Galvis, ISN MUN Coordinator, said: "Congratulations to the ISN teams and for the support in getting them ready and embracing important skills like debating, rhetoric, and teamwork. Bravo everyone!" 


Oanh Crouch, Education Director for Globeducate, commended the students and teachers for their hard work and expressed pride in the skills showcased during the competition.

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