ISN Students shine in the Globeducate Arts Competition

ISN Students shine in the Globeducate Arts Competition
Michelle Van Buuren

In a world where artistic expression transcends boundaries, the annual Globeducate Arts Competition stands as a testament to the universality of creativity.

Across ten countries, spanning various cultures, languages, and nationalities, students aged five to 18 are invited to participate in this remarkable event. The competition serves as a showcase for the diverse talents within the Globeducate community and acts as a platform for students to share what inspires them about a given theme. 

This year's theme, "Reflections," invited students to explore and express their thoughts on the world around them. From the shimmering surface of paintings to the lyrical depths of poetry, the entries encapsulated a diverse range of reflections, each one offering a unique perspective on the chosen theme.

We are thrilled to announce that ISN student Evan, Grade 10, clinched the 1st prize in the photography category for his exceptional entry. 

Additionally, we extend our congratulations to Uliana in Grade 11 for receiving an honorable mention for her outstanding Creative Writing piece. You can click here to read her piece.

“I am incredibly grateful that my story was chosen as one of the honorary mentions. Thank you to my teachers for supporting my writing. I hope that the story can make some people feel seen.” - Uliana, Grade 11.

The competition is a celebration of creativity and the boundless potential of young minds. As we applaud all the winners and participants!