Our CAS Students Meet Little Amal

Jennifer Wallace

The 21st September is the United Nations International Day of Peace, a serendipitous day for ISN Nice CAS students (creativity, activity, service, a pillar of the IB Diploma Programme) to see the culmination of their 'Little Amal' charity fundraising efforts in person. 

Little Amal, conceived by the Good Chance Theatre company as a character representing unaccommpanied minors in the Calais refugee camps, was brought to life by the Handspring Puppet Company. By mid September 2021, she was halfway through an epic journey, which started in Gaziantep near the Turkish/Syrian border, and will finish in Manchester in November.

Little Amal represents all displaced children, many separated from their families, and she is travelling over 8,000km embodying the urgent message “Don’t forget about us”.

On the 21st September, Grade 12 CAS students and Theatre teacher Marianne Stewart travelled to Breil sur Roya to meet Little Amal in person. Since last year they have held fundraising events at the school to support her on her journey, and today they gifted her with a bouquet of lavender, representing the Provence region, and a necklace made by our Primary School students.

Marianne Stewart says: "It was an absolute honour and privilege to accompany a group of young compassionate Grade 12 CAS students to welcome Little Amal in Breil sur Roya. Although not in attendance, my Primary School ChangeMaker class occupied a space close to the heart of the 9-year-old refugee girl, by making her a necklace with love heart lockets full of messages of encouragement and friendship to guide Little Amal on her epic journey. Little Amal is more than a 3.5-metre puppet, she is a beacon of hope! A gentle and graceful reminder that as citizens of the world every single person has a duty of care to each other in achieving world peace."

To learn more about Little Amal or to make a donation, please visit https://www.walkwithamal.org/