Med Cup Football

Med Cup Football
Victor Fernandez

This edition of the Medcup was the biggest in the history of the tournament, and ISN Nice sent three teams to Verona this year: one team of boys under 16, one team of boys under 18 and one team of girls under 18. They competed against teams from Italy, France, Spain, England, Morocco, Egypt, Malta, Germany, Wales and Switzerland.


ISN Nice teams had a very tough start with very few victories, but from the second day they went back onto the pitch with a great fighting spirit and an improved group cohesion. They started as underdogs and all became dangerous and hard-to-play teams after a few games. 

  • U18 girls finished second in the Premier trophy category
  • U18 boys won the Premier trophy
  • U16 boys won the Champions trophy 

"I feel very proud of our teams, as they represented our school in the best way not only on the pitch but also outside. Colm, who organised the tournament, sent me his message yesterday with "his warmest compliments for the fantastic spirit of sportsmanship and fairplay demonstrated by [our] players'', adding that the referees and hotel management asked him "to tell [us] how happy they were with ISN players' behaviour"," Victor Fernandez.

We are looking forward to springtime to send our Middle School football teams there!