Music Soirée

Music Soirée
Michelle Van Buuren

On Tuesday 4 April, music filled the air as parents and staff attended the ISN Nice Music Soirée.  The event boasted a varied line up of students from a variety of grades across the school, playing an assortment of instruments.

The hosts for the event were India (Gr 12) and music teacher, Mr Martin. They welcomed everyone to the event and introduced each musician, with a short description of the pieces they were playing.



The line up for the evening was as follows:

·       Sophia (Gr 11) - Piano

·       Sienna (YE) - Piano

·       Emma (preK) - Piano

·       Kristina (Gr 4) - Piano

·       Martin (Gr 3) - Piano

·       Vivienne (Gr 5) - Harp

·       Mai-Li (Gr 5) - Violin

·       Isis (Gr 10) - Voice

·       Mr Martin - French Horn

·       Sofya (Gr 12) -Piano

·       Jessica (Gr 12) - Flute

Mr Martin, ISN Music teacher said, "It’s exciting to see many young musicians in our younger years, who have learnt so much in a short space of time, give impressive performances to an audience.  Our instrumental music tutors have been a wonderful inspiration to all the students.  Sofya and Jessica (both Grade 12) gave wonderful performances on piano and flute to round off their time as students at ISN''

It was a wonderful evening of music and definitely displayed the amazing talent of our ISN students.