Primary School Production shows us we all have a place in the world

Primary School Production shows us we all have a place in the world
Lewis Cooper and Michelle van Buuren

The Primary School students participated in a wonderfully inspiring end of year production called “All Washed Up”, written by our Early Years teacher Mr Cooper and co-produced with Miss Honeysett.

"All Washed Up - When you're a discarded shoe, it's surprisingly easy to find yourself all washed up. It's a little more difficult to find your way back to where you need to be. With the help of some friends, maybe you can find a new place in the world... "


Mr Cooper said, “The concept was inspired by a short documentary called No Lost Shoes which described how many of the shoes we throw away, often made of plastic products, journey long distances and end up washed up on the shoreline of places like Alaska. From there, I began to imagine characterising the shoes and created a story based on them wanting to get back home. As part of the project I wanted to give the children an experience beyond what they have done before and so rather than just presenting a showcase of songs, I thought it would be good to expose them to puppetry and dance. Arts International were able to provide the expertise for these skills through CJ Johnson and so the project came to life. I am incredibly impressed by the way all the children rose to the challenge in such a short space of time and did ISN Primary School proud!“.

Students from Early Years through to Grade 5 participated in this colourful event, performing puppetry, as well as a number of dance and singing routines, while delivering the important message that everyone has a place in the world!

“As always, whilst watching 'All Washed Up', the children made me incredibly proud to be their principal. Huge credit goes to both a combination of my teachers and the children who worked incredibly hard, to make it such a joyous event!,” Miss Moor, Preschool and Primary school Principal.