The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition
Jennifer Wallace

The PYP exhibition is a student-led project that serves as the culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme for Grade 5 (the final year of Primary School).

Students work in groups to choose a topic that they are passionate about, and are then mentored by a member of staff as they pursue their lines of enquiry. They send out surveys to the community and collect the data to incorporate into their presentation. 

The final stage is to prepare the event in our theatre space, including visuals, interactive exercises and the students even included amazing adverts shot on the green screen in the Makerspace!

This year, the chosen topics included:

  • Animal welfare
  • The impacts of gaming
  • Formula One
  • Gender Equality
  • The importance of the Arts
  • How human actions affect our planet

As well as helping the students gain confidence in their presentation skills, the PYP exhibition teaches other valuable skills such as collaboration, time management, research and reflection.

It was a pleasure to welcome parents into school for the exhibition, and ISN students and staff spent the day listening to the presentations, making the most of the interactive games and quizzes, and asking questions.

Miss Honeysett, our Grade 5 teacher says: “I am so proud of all of the students. They showed incredible passion and knowledge. I am so impressed with their transdisciplinary approach to their unique projects and the diversity of presentation styles. It was wonderful to see their personalities and the collaboration through the entire process, from start to finish. I am so proud of you, Grade 5! You should be so proud of yourself.”

A huge congratulations to all of Grade 5, and Miss Honeysett. Well done to you all!