Day One of our Summer Renovation Project

Day One of our Summer Renovation Project
Jennifer Wallace


Today, the 20th June 2022, marks the beginning of an exciting and ambitious summer renovation project at ISN Nice.

In collaboration with Rosan Bosch studios, and a local architect from the Côte d'Azur, the school is undertaking extensive renovations in 2022-2023 to become a inspirational site for 21st century learning.

In keeping with the school's vision to prepare today's learners to confidently embrace challenges as adaptable, empathetic global citizens who will be active contributors to a more sustainable world, the design of the future International School of Nice will provide specific areas for problem solving, analytical thinking, imagination and creativity and digital skills while retaining the advantages of team work and collaboration. 

These skills are being supported by five spheres that each offers differentiated learning experiences. A design where learners can express themselves in various ways and care for individual needs, and where teachers can guide and empower students in close collaboration.

The five spheres are:

  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Concentrate
  • Improvise 
  • Inspire

This summer will see the following renovations:

  • A new main reception area
  • A new medical room and meeting room
  • A refurbished epicentre with study spaces
  • A renovated central courtyard with decking
  • An Art & Design studio with an adjoining garden area for outdoor learning and exhibitions 
  • A new Music studio including a rehearsal room and recording studio with a garden area for outdoor performances
  • An improved IB lounge for Grade 11 and 12 students with study areas and lockers

ISN Director, Mel Curtis, says: "We are so excited with the visionary design from Rosan Bosch, a concept which will stimulate all our curious learners' innate curiosity, communication and collaboration.

Our Epicentre is the heart of ISN where we connect dynamic activities and encourage dialogue and debate. We believe in intrinsic motivation in a holistic setting, this is where learning really thrives and we achieve outstanding results the right way."

To see more designs and for further information about future areas for renovation, click here.