Student Leadership at ISN Nice

Valentine Fayer
A high school girls smiles
Nurture and nourish, two words that exemplify student leadership at the International School of Nice. Between the student council, class representatives and the digital leaders team, the concept of student leadership is engraved into the ISN Nice philosophy.
In the words of our Head of School, Mel Curtis, it is all about giving students a realistic overview of the leadership world. The aim is to provide students with a voice, but also make them aware of the responsibilities that having a voice implies. ISN makes a point of taking students through the real process of leadership, teaching them that sometimes, despite their hard work, they will still not obtain the desired outcome.
This process encourages students to develop their own values, and to grow as individuals. The school guides them to take on all the implications of leadership, while still remaining in a safe environment. In this way, students understand that a lot of people have high expectations for themselves and others, but not to be too disappointed if these expectations aren’t always met.
In summary, student leadership at ISN Nice is based upon the principle of allowing students to build their confidence, find their voice, and experience responsibility from a young age, whilst also providing a safe and familiar environment for them to test their skills. 
"Identifying the unique skill sets that lie within every person, placing an emphasis on individuality and unique strengths, allows a team to have a voice that matters and is heard" - Mel Curtis