Globeducate Student Leadership Conference

Jennifer Wallace
As head students at ISN Nice, we recently had the opportunity to attend a leadership conference organised by the Globeducate group. This virtual event involved the head pupils of over 15 schools, which allowed us to interact with student leaders from around the world. The event was focused on the theme of leadership and took place over two afternoons. It consisted of the exploration of different successful leaders and the various types of leadership.
As head students, this workshop helped us immensely, as it primarily allowed us to meet and work with other Globeducate students from across the globe. This formed a strong bond between us all, and most importantly a sense of community between our schools. The conference was centered on the enrichment of our school culture, cultivating our leadership skills, and most significantly exploring ourselves and discovering what kind of leader we are or aspire to be.
It is safe to say that the whole experience went ‘beyond the classroom’, as we focused on real life skills that could be applied to our everyday lives, and later on to university and our careers.
When we took on our role as head students, we both felt proud but also a little unsure of how to take full advantage of the position. This experience made us realise that a simple title, or role, does not determine whether you are a leader: what counts is putting words into action, and everyone has the ability inside them to be a leader if they truly wish.

Charlotte de Wever and Theo L’Huillier

ISN Nice Head students