ISN Nice Community Attends World Clean Up Day across the Riviera

Jennifer Wallace

ISN Nice students and staff attend World Clean Up Day across the Riviera

On Saturday, September 18th, staff and students from ISN Nice attended World Clean Up Day in different locations across the French Riviera. 

Sustainability Coordinator Melanie Laroche, Planet Patrol Coordinators Elizabeth and Carolina Hernandez, and CAS Coordinator Marion Tissier accompanied students from Middle and High School to help clean up beaches in Nice and Villefranche sur Mer.

The event was spearheaded by the Mairie de Nice, and ISN students had the opportunity to meet and talk with both the Mayor of Nice, Monsieur Estrosi, and Environment Director Monsieur Calatayud.

Melanie Laroche and Grade 6 student Julie were also interviewed by BFM TV (a national French news channel) about their participation in the project and why it was so important to them.

"With today's challenges such as climate change and loss of biodiversity, it is increasingly important that sustainability becomes an integral part of our teaching and learning." says Melanie. "Our role is to educate the new generations and make them understand the importance of respecting what is around us."

"Well done to all the ISN students who participated in the World Clean Up Day!" She continues. "I am very proud of you! We collected a lot of plastic, aluminium cans, and paper, not to mention 1000s of cigarette butts. We now have to continue the fight to preserve our planet and keep our beaches free of human and marine debris!"