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Parent-Teacher Association

Our Parent-Teacher Association at the International School of Nice is a proactive group of volunteer parents and teachers who collaborate across the lower, middle and high schools to brighten student life and contribute to enhanced learning outcomes.

PTA meetings

All parents are members of the PTA, welcome to play a part in the learning process of their child, whether their child attends our lower school, middle school or high school here on the azure coast of France.

Each year, executive committee team members are elected for set roles to guide the association’s activities.

We invite all parents to frequent PTA meetings, coffee mornings and events.

Especially for new ISN families, joining in with PTA activities is a great way to meet other parents and play a significant role in their child’s school life.

The PTA gathers parents’ views at monthly meetings and via each grade level’s PTA class representative to act as the parent voice on behalf of all ISN families.

Liaising with the head of school, the PTA gains insights to circulate among ISN families.

PTA initiatives

The team looks forward to setting in motion new initiatives, enlivening a parent and child’s school life and making for a memorable school year. Over the years, our PTA members have contributed to many highlights of the ISN school calendar, including:

  • Summer and winter fêtes
  • Musicals
  • International food fairs
  • Discos and cabarets
  • Trips and excursions
  • Visiting authors and guest speaker events
  • Graduation and the yearbook
  • Activities for parents
  • A PTA gala at a local 5-star hotel to celebrate 40 years of excellence at ISN.

The PTA bylaws can be found here.



A budget entitles the PTA to fund initiatives spanning school facilities and services to events. Our ISN families have fun together raising funds to support worthwhile projects at the school.