Renovation Project

A School for a Twenty-First Century Education

In collaboration with Rosan Bosch studios, and a local architect from the Côte d'Azur, ISN Nice is proud to announce an ambitious and inspirational renovation project for 2022-2023.

In keeping with the school's vision to prepare today's learners to confidently embrace challenges as adaptable, empathetic global citizens who will be active contributors to a more sustainable world, the design of the future International School of Nice will provide specific areas for problem solving, analytical thinking, imagination and creativity and digital skills while retaining the advantages of team work and collaboration. 

These skills are being supported by five spheres that each offers differentiated learning experiences. A design where learners can express themselves in various ways and care for individual needs, and where teachers can guide and empower students in close collaboration.

The Five Spheres for Learning


The COLLABORATE spaces are comprised of a mix of private and shared common areas that allow the learners flexibility throughout their school day. Studying in a collaborative environment means developing a process through which a group of people constructively explore their ideas and power to look for a way out that is far more extended than one’s limited vision.


In the CREATE spaces the learners gather, work, inspire each other, learn new things, and connect. Participating in the space brings the students into relationships with like-minded people who stimulate their thinking. 


In the CONCENTRATE spaces, the student’s ability to pay attention or thoughts to a single object, thought or activity is fostered. A space for contemplation. where the learners focus is on most pressing needs or on subjects of interest.


The IMPROVISE space is a 'blank canvas’ where spontaneity is cultivated. Here, students can do activities that are not planned - and the spaces can be transformed. The spaces can be practiced across all artistic, scientific, physical, cognitive, academic and non-academic disciplines.


INSPIRE spaces support learners in expressing their creativity, building their creative confidence and contributing to great outcomes. The epicenter is the sum of all activities.

The Whole School Approach

Each of the five spheres is linked to a specific space typology. These will be an integral part of the organisation of the spatial planning of ISN and will play an active role in the students’ holistic learning experiences.
In the different spheres, students, teachers and staff members meet, interact and collaborate across the school throughout the day. The spheres motivate and empower learners to move from ideation to implementation - creating, receiving, transforming and retrieving knowledge from one context to another, and from different learning situations.
All spheres are consistent throughout the school’s physical learning environment and thus also for the different grades - from the Early Years to Grade 12.
Different areas will offer differentiated learning experiences. The school will be a place where learners can express themselves in various ways and care for individual needs, and where teachers can guide and empower students in close collaboration.


The following renovations will take place over the course of 2022 - 2023:

Summer 2022
  • A new main reception area
  • A new medical room and meeting room
  • A refurbished epicentre with study spaces
  • A renovated central courtyard with decking
  • An Art & Design studio with an adjoining garden area for outdoor learning and exhibitions 
  • A new Music studio including a rehearsal room and recording studio with a garden area for outdoor performances
  • An improved IB lounge for Grade 11 and 12 students with study areas and lockers

Summer 2023

  • A brand new Science Centre consisting of adjoining labs and learning areas
  • A Technology/Engineering space
  • Improvements to our current Maker Space
  • A brand new library
  • An extended and renovated bistro
  • An extended staffroom

Renovations 2021-2022

During 2021-2022 we have renovated Primary School classrooms and outdoor spaces to put in place the following:
  • Ergonomic, flexible and comfortable furniture
  • Outdoor learning spaces including an outside classroom with a stage, a sandpit, a reading tower, building blocks, a mud kitchen, a wild garden and more
  • Moveable classroom display and whiteboards for presentations and collaboration
  • A Makerspace with LEGO® Education Essential Prime and Spike kits, giant EverBlocks for building, a green screen, a sewing machine, 3D pens, filming equipment and other STEAM related equipment – next year, we are developing this further by including a modern and innovative Hacker lab alongside the Computing and Engineering area
  • A Young Explorers classroom (ages 3-4) with an open indoor/outdoor space, custom furniture for young children, multi-sensory learning toys, and separate toilets
  • New lighting
  • Air conditioning in every classroom

Middle and High School classrooms were also renovated with air conditioning, ergonomic furniture, presentation spaces and an IB lounge for Grades 11 and 12 was introduced.

*Images provided by Rosan Bosch Architecture. Final design may vary.